Watching the neighbor girl masturbate

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So you’re minding your own business, looking out the 2nd story window of your house, or perhaps just hanging out in your own backyard, when you see the scantily clad neighbor girl enter her backyard to mow the lawn.

She can’t get the lawnmower started, but something seems to have turned her on, because she lies down in the grass and starts rubbing her pussy.

Before you know it, her clothes are coming off and you can see all of her smoking hot body. Perky tits, a pierced belly button, slim thighs, a nice tight ass, and a bald pussy.

Her eyes are closed and she’s finger banging her pussy and rubbing her clit furiously, and you’d love to go offer her your tongue or cock and say honey, there’s no need for that, let me get you off.

But to do that you’d have to interrupt her, and let on that you can see her, and the bird in your hand is better than her hiding her bush….or something like that.

You decide to just keep enjoying the show, but possibly proposition her some other time. You can’t let her know that you can see her masturbating. Even if she really wants you to watch, it’s all a game and you have to play along.

Then she whips out a dildo, and the real fun begins. To download the rest of this video, click here to visit Naughty Mag.

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