Naughty Neighbor Pics: 80 Photos of Nina

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Regular NN readers may remember Nina from our November ‘07 issue. Since then, she has moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is studying and working part-time. Her new boyfriend found the NN with Nina’s layout when he was helping her get settled in her new apartment. He wanted to take pics of her, and we’re happy to publish them because Nina’s such a dirty girl…in the best way! Back in November, Nina said that she wouldn’t fuck a guy before a second date, but she would dump him real guick if he couldn’t give her a good time in bed. Well, her new boyfriend got his two chances to impress her with his fucking skills, and he did so well that they’ve been dating for four months. “Tim plays football, so he’s real fit and that carries into the bedroom because he’s got lots of stamina and he can last for ages when we’re fucking,” said Nina. “He can last longer without losing it than any guy I’ve ever had sex with before, so that means more orgasms for me! It’s fantastic! I’m more experienced than he is, but he’s a great learner and he’s really into butt-sex which is so very important to me.”

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